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DEDI RainGuard
A hydrophobic water repellent spray that is applicable to automotive windshield.
The product is designed to improve visibility and safety of your drive during rainy season

How does DEDI RainGuard work?
The hydrophobic glass coating repels water by causing water to quickly bead up and roll of your windshield or any glass surface.
It provides a barrier that repels water from sticking and spreading around your windshield.
-Enhanced Visibility
✅   -UV Resistance  -Long Lasting -Excellent in water repellent -Remove and prevent stains and watermark

How to use DEDI RainGuard?
1) Start off by cleaning glass surface with soap water and cloth, wipe off with dry cloth after cleaning to ensure surface dry before application.

2) Shake the bottle well and thoroughly before using

3) You may spray the coating solution onto a microfiber cloth and apply to windshield or spray directly onto windshield.

4) Apply evenly onto windshield and buff with cloth in circular motion, ensure to to cover entire surface evenly.

5) Allow the coating solution to dry (5-10minute)

6) Once dried, use a clean cloth and buff the windshield surface in circular motion and ensure surface is clear,smooth and free from haze

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